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Photos: Limitless with Chris Hemsworth

The photo gallery has been updated with screen captures and production photos of Liam on location with Chris and Luke for Disney+’s “Limitless with Chris Hemsworth”.

Photos: ‘Poker Face’ Australian Premiere

100 photos from the red carpet premiere of Poker Face have been added into the photo gallery.

Photos: ‘Poker Face’ Captures

High quality screen captures from Liam’s newest film Poker Face have been added into the photo gallery, along with a promotional photoshoot for the film as well.

Photos: Magazine Scans Update

Photos: Magazine Scans Update

I’ve just added a handful of digital scans from various entertainment magazines, featuring Liam and The Hunger Games cast, into the gallery. Head over to check them out!

Gallery Links:
Magazine Scans > 2013 | Kino Journal 47
Magazine Scans > Nov 2013 | People Collector’s Special
Magazine Scans > Nov 2013 | Cine Premiere
Magazine Scans > Nov 6, 2013 | MY Entertainment 232
Magazine Scans > Dec 2013 | POST Magazine
Magazine Scans > Nov 2014 | Cine Premiere
Magazine Scans > Oct 9, 2015 | Entertainment Weekly

“Most Dangerous Game” Captures

“Most Dangerous Game” Captures

I’ve been working hard today adding HD screen captures from all 15 episodes of Liam’s Quibi series “Most Dangerous Game” into the gallery, including trading out the first episode with 1080p captures. Head over to the gallery to check them out!

Gallery Link:
Television Productions > 2020 | The Most Dangerous Game > Episode Captures