Poker Face

Character: Michael Nankervis

Directed by: Russell Crowe

Written by: Stephen M. Coates (original script), Russell Crowe (screenplay)

Cast Members: Russell Crowe, RZA, Aden Young, Steve Bastoni, Daniel MacPherson, Brooke Satchwell, Paul Tassone, Matt Nable, Benedict Hardie, Molly Grace, Elsa Pataky

Released date: November 16, 2022

Genre: Action, Crime, Thriller

Duration: 1hr 34min

Tech billionaire and gambler Jake Foley hosts a high-stakes poker game between childhood friends, offering them the chance to win more money than they've ever dreamed of. The evening takes a turn when he unveils his elaborate plan seeking revenge for their betrayals and to play, they'll have to give up the one thing they've spent their lives trying to keep...their secrets. As the game unfolds, thieves break in and they must band together to survive a night of terror.

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Script developed by Never Enough Design