Liam Hemsworth to Play Legendary Boxer Gerrie Coetzee in “Gerrie”

A movie based on the life of former world heavyweight champion Gerrie Coetzee is set to hit the big screen in 2020.
‘Gerrie’, a film dedicated to the famous achievements of Africa’s first world heavyweight boxing champion Gerrie Coetzee, is set to be released in 2020.

Coetzee, also known as the ‘Boksburg Bomber’, made history when he became the first African ever to fight for, and win, a world heavyweight championship – the WBA (World Boxing Association) title in 1983.

In 2017, Hollywood and African Prestigious Awards presented Coetzee with the Lifetime Achievement Award because of his history-making victory against American favourite Michael Dokes for the WBA heavyweight title in Ohio in 1983.

The Scenic Drive honoured Coetzee for his lifetime achievements – and to talk about his new film.

Coetzee confirmed to the Scenic Drive that actor Liam Hemsworth will play him.

“Yes, Liam Hemsworth will play me in the movie. I am not sure who will play my wife. I know that they asked Charlize Theron – but she asked $15 million for the role. I would like this movie to end when I won my title and came back to South Africa. Katinka Heyns read the script and cried – she said it’s the best script ever,” Coetzee.