Character: Josh Taylor

Created by: Reg Watson

Directed by: Tony Osicka, Gary Conway, Chris Adshead, Jovita O'Shaughnessy & various

Written by: Reg Watson, Sarah Mayberry, Shaun Topp & various

Produced by: Neal Kingston, Margaret Slarke, Mark Callen, Philip East, Peter Dodds, Sally-Anne Kerr, Tony McDonald, John Holmes

Cast Members: Stefan Dennis, Alan Fletcher, Tom Oliver

Released date: October 29, 2007

Genre: Drama, Romance

Australian soap opera exploring the lives and relationships of the residents of Ramsay Street in Erinsborough.

→ Suddenly 5.30 TV isn’t kids stuff anymore!
→ It’s off to Ramsay Street now, to join our Aussie friends. [UK Tagline]
→ You won’t recognize your Neighbours.
→ That’s when your Neighbours become good friends.
→ One of Australia’s greatest exports and a launchpad for a who’s who of household names, Neighbours brings you the perfect blend of soap and sunshine in its telling of the day-to-day lives, loves and losses of the residents of Ramsay Street. [UK Tagline]
→ Now it’s time for a down under double bill with both Neighbours and Home and Away [UK Tagline]
→ Head down under and catch up with your favorite Neighbours on Demand 5. [UK Tagline]
→ Enjoy a slice of suburbia with a daily visit to Australia’s sunshine soap. [UK Tagline]

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